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Research field

Ontology of Designing as a scientific direction within the framework of computer science & engineering includes:
concepts analysis and thesaurus development; analysis of criteria and the models of designed object, methods and design scenarios; gathering and processing the information about the object as a system and its constituent elements.

Designing as a process and domain knowledge about the artefact is the subject of ontological analysis done by researchers and narrow specialists. Ontology of designing, its concepts and basic principles are invariant to the subject area, while design as an activity, is always object-oriented. Ontology of designing as a scientific discipline incorporates and generalises the experience from different domains.

Ontology of Designing is a structured knowledge about the objects and methods of designing; it is a complex of thesauri, databases, procedures, optimisation algorithms and project uncertainty recording.

Ontology of Designing is a formal description of knowledge of the subjects of designing about the process of designing new artefacts or upgrading the existed ones, including knowledge about the subject of designing and related artefacts, as well as a domain thesaurus.

Journal’s goal
Within the scientific discussion to try to get closer to the “Creator’s idea”, to understand and to explain the process of creation, development, self-organisation, modelling and designing of the future through the knowledge of the process of creating artefacts, evolution and selection.


• bring together efforts of Russian and foreign scientists, focusing on actual problems of the methods of designing and offering a place for scientific discussions, 
• propose approaches, technologies, methods and algorithms for solving practical problems in various fields and areas of designing based on the developing scientific direction,
• assist young scholars, postgraduates and undergraduates in the understanding of their responsibility for the development of modern technologies, that ultimately form the future of civilization.

Scientific journal “Ontology of Designing” has been operating in the means of organization, state and international grants, contributions of authors of publications, donations from individuals and legal entities.

The journal is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications, in which should be published basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Sciences, for the degree of Doctor of Science (list of Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation Ministry of Science and Education 01.12.2015).

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