Journal's objectives​

Within the scientific discussion to try to get closer to the “Creator’s idea”, to understand and to explain the process of creation, development, self-organisation, modelling and designing of the future through the knowledge of the process of creating artefacts, evolution and selection.

Journal tasks

  • Bring together efforts of Russian and foreign scientists, focusing on actual problems of the methods of designing and offering a place for scientific discussions;
  • Propose approaches, technologies, methods and algorithms for solving practical problems in various fields and areas of designing based on the developing scientific direction;
  • Assist young scholars, postgraduates and undergraduates in the understanding of their responsibility for the development of modern technologies, that ultimately form the future of civilization.

Scope of the Journal

Applied Ontology of designing

  • Principles for the use of ontologies in designing;
  • Designing on by ontology;
  • Designing using ontology;
  • Concurrent engineering;
  • Ontology designing subject areas;
  • Intelligent design systems using ontology;
  • Technical manuals based on ontologies;
  • Ontology designing and learning systems;
  • Thesauri and knowledge in designing…

Ontology Engineering

  •  Cognitive principles of ontology;
  • Formalization of ontology languages;
  • Instrumental frameworks engineering of ontologies;
  • Construction of ontologies;
  • Finding semantic relations, the similarity between ontologies;
  • Composition of ontologies;
  • The dynamics of ontologies and denotative database;
  • Platforms, formats, standards for the engineering of ontologies;
  • Expert systems, shells and components…

Methods and technologies of decision making

  • Decision support systems;
  • Criterial problem of decision-making;
  • The uncertainty of design information…

General design issues: ontological aspects and cognitive modeling

  • cognitive modeling
  • The origins of the ontological approach in the natural sciences and engineering sciences;
  • The philosophy of technology;
  • Ontological Relativity and engineering metaontology;
  • Paradigms and principles of designing;
  • Space semantics and semiotics, psychology and biology , acmeology and sociology, phenomenology in project activities;
  • Essence, meaning and purpose of designing;
  • The role of epistemology, cognitive science in ontology of designing;
  • Subject and object of designing, the nature of their interaction and development…
  • Engineering psychology;
  • Man-machine interface;
  • Collective design;
  • Human resource management…
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