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Introduction – N.M. Borgest

Brief presentation
Epistemological and ontological problems of the philosophy of technology: “The fourth kingdom” of F. Dessauer 
A.Y. Nesterov, Samara University

Keynote addresses
1 Ontognoseological potential of the problem of constructive covention
A.N. Ognev, Samara University
2 As “numbered” the concept of “important”
S.A. Piyavsky, Architecture and Construction Institute of Samara State Technical University
3 Holonic approach to control intellectual developing learners
E.A. Samoilov, Samara state social and pedagogical university

Additional reports
1. Negotiations in the theory of intersubjective management
М. R. Arpentieva, Kaluga State University named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky, 
T.V. Moiseeva, Institute for the Control of Complex Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences
2. Training technique of topological structures designing based on a variable density body models
A.V. Boldyrev, M.V. Pavelchuk, Samara University

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