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“Ontology of Designing”, a scientific seminar

The Department of Aircraft Design and Engineering (Samara University), the Institute of Complex Systems Management Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences invite you to the scientific seminar “Ontology of Design”.

The seminar will be held at Samara University on February 14 at 15.00 in building 10, room 203 (Department of kipla).

Nikolay Mikhailovich Borgest, Professor of the Department of kipla, Senior Researcher of the IPUSS RAS, editor-in-chief of the journal “Ontology of Design”, will tell about the activities of the journal “Ontology of Design”.

The main topic of the seminar is “The role of the designer in the design of aircraft with a target cost”.

Speaker: Evgeny Vladimirovich Orlov, a graduate of Samara University, and now Chief Specialist of the Technical and Economic Analysis Department of TRANSMASHHOLDING JSC (Moscow).

Yevgeny Vladimirovich will cover the following issues in his report:

concepts of cost-engineering, cost-engineer, target cost price;
will tell you about the structure of the cost of the product, unit and component;
it will address the issues of cost estimation by the designer in the design process (calculation “top-down”, “bottom-up”, calculation using PCM software),
interaction of design participants,
and methods of adjusting the cost of the product (functional cost analysis, Value analysis).
Evgeny Orlov worked in various positions in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “NAMI” (Moscow); JSC “Moscow Helicopter Plant named after M. L. Mil” (Moscow region, village). Tomilino); JSC ” Experimental Machine-Building Plant named after V. M. Myasishchev “( Moscow region, Zhukovsky); JSC “Rocket and Space Center “Progress”. (Samara)

Admission is free.

For questions about the seminar “Ontology of design”, please contact Nikolai Mikhailovich Borgest by phone: 267-46-47.

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