March 27, 2019 bild.10 aud.203

Concept development and design of high-speed amphibious vehicle

The report presents a technical proposal for the development of a high-speed amphibious vehicle that can be operated in all climatic zones of the world, including in the harsh conditions of the Far North, Siberia and the Far East. The device complements the existing modes of transport without requiring significant capital investments in the creation of infrastructure. The analysis of the passenger market of Russia. The features and advantages of the chosen concept of the device are shown, its main tactical and technical characteristics are presented. The results of calculations confirming the performance of the proposed apparatus layout are shown. Presents a comparison with the characteristics of competitors, both from the technical side and in terms of economic indicators. The possible routes on which the vehicle can be operated are presented.
Speaker: Associate Professor of the Department of aircraft design, Ph.D. Dmitry Nazarov.

November, 9, 2018
bild.10 aud.203

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