6/05/2011, campus building 10, classroom 26 10 a.m.

Subject: “Knowledge representation in engineering”

1. A modelling paradigm. The real world reflection in the artificial environment (e.g. computers) as a mission of artificial intelligence. Two types of models: mathematical and descriptive.
2. The fundamentals of knowledge representation: object and its quality and properties, the concept and the main result of the logical theory of meaning, assertion as the fundamental basis of operational knowledge.
3. Object-oriented approach to knowledge representation. History and its interpretation: philosophers, mathematicians, computer programmers and engineers. Ontologies: ideology and pragmatics.
4. Knowledge formation: ontological data analysis, ontology engineering based on the analysis of formal concepts.
5. A brief overview of the tools of ontology engineering. General-purpose object-oriented modeling system gB.
6. Examples of ontological modeling in engineering and social systems.

Speaker: Prof. Sergey V. Smirnov, Director of the Institute of Control of Complex Systems, RAS.

Lecturers, postgraduates, and students interested in designing and engineering are invited.

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