December 1, 2014

The publisher Lambert in November 2014 published a book Borgest NM The future of the university. Ontological approach. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2014. – 112 p.
A brief review of the history of formation and development of the university as an important element of social and state system of civilization is given. The entities of the subject domain “university” are presented on the basis of ontological analysis. The qualities and relations between those entities are emphasized. The analysis of the future of the higher education in Russia is given, as well as analysis of the models and strategies of the universities development. The questions of motivation within the university system are researched. The examples and technologies of project learning in Russia and abroad are shown. The material on the automation of processes accompanying the activities of the University is presented. The possibilities of automation of various business processes of the university are shown based on the multi-agent paradigm. The recruitment process and the process of distribution of graduates are addressed in detail. An organizational and software mechanism for automatic matriculants enrollment is proposed. System of quality management based on the ISO 9000 standard is considered to be the first step on the road to the automation of the universities business-processes. This collection of articles might be of interest to the people, who are concerned with the future of the higher education.

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